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Friday, August 11, 2006
  The First Week of school....... Here's a wrap up of the good, the bad & the ugly...
The GOOD: Judy has made a "best friend" already in her class. Cole's teacher introduced the coolest reward system for the class. Cole has a "checkbook"...depending on behavior & turning in homework on time, they can get deposits or withdrawals into their account. Once they have earned enough money, they can BUY rewards, like lunch with a friend, computer time, or sitting in comfortable chairs. Both Cole & Judy have awakened this week with smiles, and we were early every day...yippee!
The BAD: The playground isn't ready yet, since they have just laid sod, so the kids are having to play on the blacktop. BOY, it was the hottest week of the year!
The UGLY: Cole has been called names by two kids this week: "coleslaw" & "midget." We instructed him to laugh at the brats that are jealous of him and then ignore them. Judy doesn't like when her teacher yells too loud.
---> OVERALL, the week was a huge success. I am thankful the transition has gone so smoothly. 

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