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Saturday, February 18, 2006
  Long Lost Friend Today was a great day! I heard the voice of Val, my best friend from high school! We lost touch after our freshman year of college. I cannot believe that 15 years have passed since we've seen each other. I had hoped to see her at the 10-yr. high school reunion several years ago, but no one could find her. Thanks to & this BLOG, she left me a voicemail. I am so excited about calling her tomorrow!

Looking back on those fun times with Val makes me feel young again! She drove a beautiful navy blue convertible bug. I remember skipping school and going to the beach in the bug....those were the days!!! We had soooo much fun at prom dancing like idiots. As I look at this Graduation photo, I am reminded of the exciting times & great laughs we shared. Aaaaaaa, to be young again! 

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